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Strato Workflows
Orchestrate your algorithms into cloud processing pipelines. Integrate your with your custom web application or cloud infrastructure.
Icon 1 The fastest, easiest, least expensive way to launch production-grade data processing pipelines.
Icon 1 Hosted in your organization’s Amazon Web Services account, integratable with your cloud infrastructure and web applications.
Icon 1 Save 6 to 7 figures each year in engineering costs. We handle CI/CD, security, scaling and cloud resource provisioning.
Icon 1 Go to market now. Build your production-grade pipelines in days, not months.
Icon 1 No vendor lock: your algorithms are saved in version control (Github), Dockerized, and ready to migrate.
Icon 1 Built with serverless technology: your pipelines are always online, but you only incur cloud compute fees when the pipelines are triggered.
Icon 1 Remote sensing: we provide integrations with the European Space Agency, Planet, SkyWatch and other satellite imagery providers.
Icon 1 Integrate with Strato Maps so that your map users can trigger workflows which output new layers on a map, or make layers available for download.
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How it works
Our team will launch and configure the application components in your Amazon Web Services account free of charge.
Run our script
Run our bash script in your terminal to spin up a new repository in your organization’s Github account.
Add your algo
Add a data processing algorithm in any language and merge to main. Our CI/CD scripts push a Docker image of the repo to your AWS account.
Build workflow nodes
Use the Workflows user interface (hosted in your AWS account) to build serverless functions and containers with a few clicks of the mouse.
Build a workflow
Drag-and-drop to orchestrate the functions and containers into serverless pipelines.
Execute workflow
Execute the pipelines manually, on a schedule, via API request, or from Strato Maps.
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